How to solve TypeError: Cannot read property ‘someProperty’ of null

This error message typically occurs when you try to access a property of an object that is null or undefined. Here are a few possible ways to solve the TypeError: Cannot read property ‘someProperty’ of null error:
Check if the object is null or undefined before accessing its properties:

if (myObject !== null && myObject.someProperty) {
// Do something with myObject.someProperty

Use the optional chaining operator (?.) introduced in ES2020 to safely access nested properties:

const someProperty = myObject?.nestedObject?.someProperty;

This will assign undefined to someProperty if any of the intermediate objects (myObject or nestedObject) are null or undefined.

Initialize the object to a default value if it is null or undefined:

const myObject = someFunctionThatMightReturnNull() || {};
const someProperty = myObject.someProperty;

This will assign an empty object to myObject if someFunctionThatMightReturnNull() returns null or undefined, so that you can safely access its properties.

Use a try-catch block to handle the error if you know that the object might be null or undefined:

try {
const someProperty = myObject.someProperty;
// Do something with someProperty
} catch (error) {
// Handle the error

This will catch the TypeError if myObject is null or undefined and allow you to handle the error gracefully.

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