How to solve Error in mounted hook: ‘X’ is not defined error in Vue?

The “Error in mounted hook: ‘X’ is not defined” error in Vue occurs when you try to access a variable or property that hasn’t been defined in your component. This can happen if you misspell the name of a variable, forget to define it, or try to access it before it has been initialized.

First of all, what is a mounted hook and why do we use it? A mounted hook is a lifecycle method that runs after the component is mounted on the DOM. It’s a good place to perform any actions that depend on the DOM, such as fetching data, adding event listeners, or manipulating elements.

Here are some steps to help you solve this error:

  1. Check the spelling of the variable: Double-check the spelling of the variable name to make sure that it matches the name you used when defining it.
  2. Check the scope of the variable: Make sure that the variable is defined in the correct scope. If it’s defined in a method or computed property, you won’t be able to access it from the mounted hook.
  3. Check the timing of the variable initialization: If you’re trying to access a variable that hasn’t been initialized yet, you’ll get this error. Make sure that you’re initializing the variable before trying to access it.
  4. Check the template: If you’re trying to access a property from the template, make sure that it has been defined in the data object or computed properties.
  5. Check the order of component lifecycle hooks: If you’re trying to access a property that is initialized in a later lifecycle hook, make sure that you’re accessing it in the appropriate hook.

By following these steps, you should be able to fix the “Error in mounted hook: ‘X’ is not defined” error in Vue and ensure that your component is functioning properly.

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