Why use quantitative research

Quantitative research is a systematic, empirical and statistical approach used to collect and analyze numerical data. It is used in various fields, including social sciences, marketing, and health sciences, to test hypotheses, make predictions, and generalize findings to a larger population.

There are several reasons why quantitative research is useful:

  1. Objectivity: Quantitative research is based on numerical data, which is considered objective and less prone to bias. This allows researchers to make decisions based on facts rather than personal opinions.
  2. Reliability: The data collected through quantitative research is usually collected using standardized procedures, making it more reliable and consistent.
  3. Generalizability: Quantitative research often involves large sample sizes, making it possible to generalize findings to a larger population. This is useful for making predictions and understanding patterns in a population.
  4. Test Hypotheses: Quantitative research is well-suited for testing hypotheses and theories. Researchers can use statistical analysis to test the relationship between variables and determine the strength of the association.
  5. Ability to Measure Variables: Quantitative research is capable of measuring variables in a systematic and controlled manner. This makes it possible to quantify and compare variables, and draw meaningful conclusions from the data.
  6. Replicability: Quantitative research can be repeated and replicated, making it possible to verify the validity of findings.
  7. Cost-effective: Quantitative research is often more cost-effective than qualitative research, as it involves collecting numerical data which can be analyzed using statistical software.

In conclusion, quantitative research is a valuable tool for researchers as it provides objective, reliable and generalizable data. It is useful for testing hypotheses, measuring variables, and making predictions. It can also be cost-effective and easily replicable.


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